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Offered Programs

Caltech/Base 11 AMP Academic Year Program

Interns from community colleges in the greater Los Angeles area attend full day AMP sessions once a month, interacting with Caltech graduate student mentors, local experts and corporate partnersSample program activities
  • Academic problem solving to reinforce STEM skills
  • Building mini Mars rover with off-the-shelf materials
  • Research laboratory visits
  • Introductions to coding and technical writing
  • Project work and presentations
  • Preparation for interviews for internships, positions in industry and college transfers

AMP Summer Program

AMP Summer Program is a part of Caltech's WAVE Fellows program open to students who are enrolled in community college.

Summer interns execute a complete research project over 10 weeks in faculty laboratories, and are supported by graduate student-led mentoring and skills development sessions culminating in final oral presentations and written technical reports

Recent project titles

  • Trajectory following for autonomous underwater vehicles
  • High strain rate compressive behavior of 3D printed aluminum 6061 of varying porosity
  • Implementation of reaction wheels and balancing for spacecraft simulators
To read more about the program, and to find out about the eligibility criteria please follow the link.